Ranger Intelliscan 6 Zone


Patented Ranger 6 Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector with Enhanced Sensitivity and Discrimination Capabilities

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This Metal Detector Features:

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The Ranger Intelliscan 6 Zone Metal Detector is a maximum security tool you can put confidence in. Six horizontal detection zones function independently, penetrating layers of interference to accurately identify any metals concealed on the body. When a target item is carried or tossed through the archway, the system’s advanced signal processing diagnostics are instantly triggered. A convenient graphic LED display provides security staff on the scene with a visual alarm showing the exact height of the target object from ground level for faster retrieval.

The Intelliscan patented design anticipates your most essential concerns. Programmable discrimination modes allow you to adjust zone sensitivity to detect specific metals or alloys, and eliminate loss prevention at floor level. And data storage is never an issue for this streamlined unit, which retains memory even when powered off. The Intelliscan 6 Zone Metal Detector is the definition of smart design and a top choice across government, industrial and commercial industries.

Ranger 6 Zone Intelliscan Detector Features:

ranger intelliscan 6

Ranger Spec Sheet


  • Advanced continuous wave technology
  • 6 horizontal detection zones zero in on targets
  • Flexible zone sensitivity offers thorough detection
  • Intelligent discrimination capabilities
  • Superior signal processing reduces false alarms
  • Pre-programmed “All Metal” mode
  • Convenient high security factory presets
  • Programmable presets for tailored security
  • 180 degree viewing LED panel display
  • Stop and go lights for speedy pacing
  • Dual alarm for audible and visual alert
  • Non-volatile memory stores data when unit is off
  • Includes secure floor mounting boots
  • Highly effective against interference
  • Incorporates 6-digit security passcode
  • Safe for pacemakers and pregnant women
  • Federal Aviation Administration certified
  • Ranger-6-Zone