Garrett Sea Hunter II – Rugged Underwater Metal Detector


Garrett Sea Hunter – Fully submersible up to 200 feet

The Sea Hunter Mark II is a unique underwater metal pulse induction (PI) metal detector with exceptional discrimination capabilities.

Sea Hunter Mark IIThe patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode allows the Sea Hunter to find more rings and less trash.  Avoiding trash has always been a priority, but eliminating it often results in missing those targets that you really want to find.  The new microprocessor-driven Sea Hunter allows you to exclude trash without sacrificing the targets that are actually valuable.

The Sea Hunter Mark II is the detector of choice for underwater searches.
The Sea Hunter Mark II is fully submersible to 200 feet, offers Automatic Cancellation of Salt and Ground Minerals, Full Range Discrimination, Submersible Headphones, Audio Target Alert, and much more.
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