Astrophysics XIS-100X

Travel bags are getting even bigger and so are the boxes people like to send things in, but the XIS-100X X-Ray Inspection System can handle them all.

With a tunnel size of 101.6 x 101.3 cm (40 x 40 inches), the XIS-100X is specifically designed by Astrophysics, Inc. to accommodate and scan oversized luggage and large parcels.

As with other scanners by Astrophysics, the XIS-100X comes with six-color imaging, image review, 9 quadrant zoom, manual bitmap archive, atomic Z-number measurement, material discrimination, multi-tier accessibility, and auto archiving of up to 150,000 images.

The XIS-100x has a 180kv generator, a sealed di-electric oil bath system, and a built-in uninterruptible power supply. No warm-up procedure is required when starting this machine.

It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor and operates with Windows so even those with rudimentary knowledge about computers can still be able to operate it. It also comes with an operator training program.

The large tunnel of the XIS-100X makes it ideal for use in transportation hubs like airports, train stations, bus stations, seaports, and terminals. However, it can also be used for places like mail rooms and prisons, and places where medium to large objects have to be screened for contraband.

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