XIS-1517 200KV

Astrophysics XIS-1517

There are those big boxes and parcels, then there are those really huge boxes and parcels. Scanning these items can pose a challenge with other types of x-ray machines, but not with the XIS-1517.

Designed primarily for scanning cargo, the XIS-1517 has a tunnel size of

150 x 170.2 cm (59 x 67 inches). 

Its dimensions are 670.3 x 259.1 x 225 cm (264 x 102 x 88 inches) but even with its considerable size, durable casters allow the XIS-1517 to be easily transported and maneuvered to where it has to go.

Since it is designed to scan the really oversized items, parcels, or even pallet-sized items the XIS-1517 comes with a standard 180kV generator, but it can also be upgraded to the 320kV generator for really heavy-duty performance.

The design of the XIS-1517 makes it ideal for places where bags have to be checked like airports, seaports, train stations, and bus stations. It is also good for jails, mail rooms, corporate offices, museums, and other places where parcels have to be screened for contraband.

The XIS-1517 has seen extensive use in various places in the US, Canada, and Europe, and is accredited by the Transportation and Security Agency and ACS.


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