Although the XIS-5335 X-Ray Inspection System is the smallest in the XIS series by Astrophysics, this doesn’t mean it lacks any of the features of the other scanning machines of the line.

Measuring just 122cm (48 inches) high, 131cm (51 inches) wide, and 76 cm (29 inches) deep, the small frame of the XIS-5335 also works to its advantage; it is mounted on a frame with heavy-duty casters, making it easy to wheel from one location to another.

The XIS-5335 has tunnel dimensions of 53 x 35cm (21 x 14 inches), making it easy to accommodate and scan like bags and parcels. This makes it ideal for terminal areas like airports, seaports, and train stations, and buildings like prisons, shopping malls, government installations, museums, etc.

It comes with a 90kV generator and a sealed electric oil bath system; it doesn’t require any warm-up so you can be sure it will function as soon as it is needed.

Determination between acceptable items and weapons or contraband is guaranteed. Like with all x-rays from Astrophysics it is powered by their Real-Time Diagnostics technology which uses six colors to differentiate between different types of materials and also allows users to monitor system health.