When you need an affordable solution to detecting weapons, narcotics, banned substances or contraband, the XIS-5335S X-Ray Inspection System is one of the best options available.

The compact size of the XIS-5335S makes sure it can be stationed even in the smallest of lobbies or rooms. Thanks to its heavy-duty casters it can also be easily rolled around a building, fitting easily though doors and in elevators.

This also makes it ideal for transportation hubs like airports, seaports, terminals, and train station, and buildings that see a lot of civilian traffic like malls, hotels, museums, and government offices.

The XIS-5335S has a tunnel size of 53.3 x 35.4cm (21 x 14 inches), allowing it to scan anything from the smallest of personal items to even the biggest of packages and parcels.

Like other scanners manufactured by Astrophysics, the XIS-5335S comes with Real-Time Image Manipulation and Real-Time Self Diagnostics. It works with an Intel Core i5 processor and runs on Windows XP Pro so it can be easily operated even by those barely familiar with computers.

It is powered by a 160kV generator, but also has a built-in back power supply that can let it function up to 20 minutes with no power from outside.