Astrophysics XIS-5878

With its robust design, compact frame, incomparable efficiency, and affordability, the XIS-5878 X-Ray Inspection System should be your first choice when it comes to parcel scanning security.

With a conveyor height of 30 cm (12 inches), the design of the XIS-5878 makes it easy to use with a standard conveyor line. It can easily scan objects measuring 58.4 x 78.3 cm (23 x 31 inches) and weighing up to 165 kg (360 lbs) making it ideal for scanning anything from small items like purses, tote bags, packages, and backpacks to even the biggest items like boxes, or even wheeled objects.

The XIS-5878 is the ideal machine when it comes to uncovering anything hidden; images are guaranteed crisp and clear, thanks to the advanced and cutting-edge six-color imaging technology developed by Astrophysics, a leader in scanning technology.

It comes with a standard 180kV generator for guaranteed performance even when there is no or low power. 

The size, design, and efficiency of the XIS-5878 makes it ideal for use in airports, seaports, prisons, terminals, hotels, public buildings, government facilities, mailrooms, military bases, and other places that require a compact yet effective x-ray scanner for checking and screening bags, parcels, heavy boxes, and other items.