When it comes to scanning bags and packages as well as checkpoint screening, the XIS-6040NM X-Ray Inspection System is one of the best options Astrophysics, Inc. has to offer.

The standard XIS-6040NM has all the features of other x-ray machines in the Astrophysics line including Real-Time Diagnostics, which lets users monitor system health of the x-ray machine, and six-color imaging which allows users to look at the contents of scanned items in six colors, with each one of them representing a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers.

Its tunnel size of 60 x 40 cm (23.6 x 15.7 inches) can let it scan a wide range of bag and package sizes, however its frame is still small and narrow enough to let it be easily transported via elevator and installed in even the smallest room or hall.

It also has a powerful 160kV generator, and backup power to make sure the machine won’t stop scanning even if power from the outside has been cut.

The XIS-6040NM is ideal for use in places where people congregate including malls and shopping centers, transportation hubs like airports and terminals, and places where contraband are likely to be smuggled into like mail rooms, prisons, and museums.