Astrophysics XIS-6545

The XIS-6545 X-Ray Inspection System was the first scanning machine manufactured by Astrophysics, Inc. and the fact that it is still around and still in demand from clients from all over the country stands as a testament to its durability and design.

With a tunnel opening of 65.1 x 45.4 cm (25.6” x 18”), the XIS-6545 can accommodate small items like purses to medium-sized bags like backpacks and tote bags. Boxes, packages, and parcels can also be scanned easily.

The standard XIS-6545 comes with a 160kV generator, but you can also choose to upgrade to a 180kV generator for even better performance.

It is powered by XIS software and takes advantage of cutting edge technology including six-color visual display, baggage record keeping, Real-Time Image Manipulation and Real-Time Self Diagnostics. This software system is always being improved and upgraded by their team of developers.

The XIS-6545 is also one of the most commonly sold scanners by Astrophysics, Inc. It has seen extensive use all over the US in places with heavy pedestrian concentrations like hotels and shopping malls, public buildings like courtrooms and government offices, and areas with high risk of contraband, narcotics, and weapons smuggling like prisons, airport, seaports, and terminals.