Astrophysics XIS-7555R

Unlike the other models in the Astrophysics line of x-ray machines, the XIS-7555R is designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors even without a self-contained environment or external cooling support, that’s exactly how tough this model is.

The XIS-7555R also has one of the biggest tunnel capacities in the line, with a tunnel dimension of 75.6 x 55.2cm (29.8 x 21.8 inches) allowing it to scan even the biggest of bags, parcels or packages.

Heavy-duty casters allow it to be positioned anywhere easily and its frame has built-in shock absorbing pads to make sure it can stand the rigors of outdoor use.

It uses the same proven XIS scanning technology available with other Astrophysics models with features like six-color imaging, 9x quadrant zoom, image archiving, continuous scanning, and image review. It even has built-in operator training program to make it easier to use.

The XIS-7555R is ideal for use in prisons, malls, airports, terminals, public buildings, government centers, and other places that need to be secured. It also has an added advantage; since it is designed for outdoor use, it doesn’t require a room, hall or lobby and can service even the smallest of these buildings by being stationed outside.

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