ZORPRO – ZS1 Single Panel Walk Through Metal Detector


Zorpro ZS1 single panel walk through metal detector 

These devices are excellent for creating a comfortable, non evasive environment. Unlike traditional metal detectors, which can feel like walking through a tunnel, these devices feel more like entering a grocery store. They can easily detect common metal items like handguns and cell phones but are not as sensitive as standard walk through metal detectors. In short these will work perfectly for 90% of people needing metal detectors to stop contraband.

This pricing is for 1 single panel. We recommend 2 or more panels. The further away an object is from the panel the less sensitive the metal detector will be in that area.

You can space these apart at whatever distance you would like, but we recommend no further than 40in apart to detect standard contraband objects.

You will need to screw or bolt each panel to the floor.

These units are completely safe to use. They use an electromagnetic field which is safe and harmless for those walking through.



Display: 7-inch LCD touch screen
Security Level: 100 levels (adjustable)
Zone adjustability : each zone adjusts individually
Detection zone: 5 zones
Single Unit Detection Range: 20 inches (Two units as a group detection range: 40 inches)
Vertical Dimension: 74.5″(H) x 16.9(W) x 3.7(D) inches
Pass through rate: Over 100 people per minute (fast)
Working Frequency: 100 frequencies
Working Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50~60 Hz
Power consumption: <20 W
Working Environment Temperature: -4°F~+113°F
Net Weight: 83.8 lbs