Zortemp 1000 – Body Temperature Infrared Reader

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The Zortemp 1000 temperature Infrared scanner

No face detection required like other models on the market. The Zortemp 1000 is fast and accurate!

The Zortemp 1000 is proudly made in the USA unlike many other models on the market!



Join us in the battle to lessen the spread of the coronavirus

Note: This does not tell if someone has coronavirus but will help determine if someone has an elevated temperature and needs further attention. Please see our disclaimer for any concerns or questions.

Use this body temperature scanner to help detect those that have fevers and are sick. Great for the public or work environment facilities to check guests or employees.

  • Quickly scans in 1 second
  • Accurately reads body temperature to 0.5 Degrees (all alarms should be checked with a 2nd device)
  • LCD display showing readings and scanning info.
  • Send email alerts and reports to an admin (must purchase the Software Report Package for each system)
  • 1 yr warranty
  • Ships to you from our USA warehouse

Zortemp 1000 Data & Manual Download



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