School Safety and Walk Through Metal Detectors

metaldetect2Having more and more social unrest showing up in the daily news, it only makes sense for schools to do whatever they can to maintain a level of security that is acceptable to parents as well as students.

Introduce; the standard walk through type metal detector. Schools have to have some type of security staff in most cities, so they may as well find a way to allot within their budget the cost a getting a metal detector.

This is the most proven and effective measure they can take to ensure campus security. Many administrators may not like to admit that the times in which we are living in merit such actions, but the sensible side of them knows without a doubt that it is true.

They owe it to the children, they owe it to the staff (As well as themselves) to know that they can have and maintain a level of security and peace which is paramount to positive production. When in an environment that is known to be safe, both teacher and children may flourish.

Having the standard school metal detector installed and staffed, they may have that peace. The sensitivity levels on such machines allows for them to check not only for firearms, but for small knives, brass knuckles, or any such items that could be used to harm other children.

It may at first seem to be a small inconvenience that costs a little time every day to get everyone passed “clean.” But what a small price to pay that is – when you consider the fact that if just one student brought a gun to school…(No matter the reason) and if it got discharged by accident and killed one of their kids… then how could they ever justify the cost of not having one?

They could not. So now the question is – why do not more schools have such measures in place? Just acknowledging the fact that over 500 kids have been killed at school since 1990 (In incidents involving a gun) begs the question; how many lives could have been saved if those schools had metal detectors?

Not only does the death of just one child affect those direct family members; it affects the entire community. When you factor in the idea that it could have been avoided entirely, that should rattle enough cages to have them come together, and sit down to simply figure out…how they may pay for the machines?

We all know that budgets are tight, as cuts have been made everywhere, but how does one place a value on the life of a child? It cannot be done (By a sane person) communities should not have to think twice about it.

Even if a collection must take place, even if programs have to be started to help to raise the money (Outside of school administration) this is something for all to consider. Don’t we all want our kids (And others) to me made safe?

It can be done. When a community wants something bad enough, they always find a way to get it done.