Security in Courthouses and Courtrooms

Courtrooms – the place where criminals are brought to justice, punishing them for their misdeeds to the public. Courtrooms are where all the victims, the suspects, and the evidences gather. Here, judges and the juries decide whether the suspect is guilty or not guilty. As this is quite a sensitive location, several police officers and security guards are assigned to various parts of the courtroom in order to safeguard the lives of the victims, the juries, the people watching the proceedings happen, and the suspect(s) as well.
However, courtrooms are not safe even if there are security guards and police officers stationed in every part of the courtoom. Criminals, and even terrorists, can still make their way inside these courtrooms especially if the security is quite loose. They can make their way inside the courtrooms, meddle with the proceedings and commit other crimes, such as committing ho stage-taking in order to free their convicted accomplice(s) or simply stir up trouble in order to create panic inside the building, allowing the other criminals to escape.
Such an event happened last 2005, when David Hernandez Arroyo Sr. made his way to a courtroom in Texas, USA with the intent to kill his ex-wife and her son. This led to a shootout and a high-speed chase between him and the police officers stationed on the courtroom. In the end, there were 3 deaths, including the perpetrator himself, and 4 injured people.
If one man in a well-guarded location can kill 2 people and injure many others, then how many casualties would there be if a group of criminals or hired killers made their way on these courtrooms? Will they be able to stop them and prevent the same incident mentioned above from happening?
Fortunately, it is indeed possible to stop these events from happening in the first place by installing metal detectors for courthouses. Of course, advanced metal detectors are very much recommended, such as the Garrett PD6500i walk-through metal detector.
The Garrett PD6500i metal detector is the latest in Garrett’s line of security tools. Equipped with the latest detection technology, the Garrett PD6500i metal detector will be your best defense against criminals attempting to enact crimes in your area.
The Garrett PD6500i metal detector houses several features, including full customizability, allowing you to set it according to your needs, and is easily programmable to check for specific spots of the target’s body. It also has the latest features Garrett has to offer, such as the 33 Pinpoint Zone technology and the Advanced Broadband detection technology, which detects even the minutest detail from a target’s body. No matter how hard he or she tries to conceal something, the Garrett PD6500i metal detector will surely detect it with ease. It also has the Interference Su ppression technology, which allows it to function even when other devices in the area produces electrical signals that may affect other electronic devices in the area.
With all these features and more, it is no wonder why major events, such as the London 2012 Olympics and Superbowl opt for this metal detector.
If you want full security for your building, it is very much recommended for you to opt for the Garrett PD6500i walk-through metal detector. Investing on such security features is only but a small thing in exchange for total security.