Security measures for your next event

event security metal detectorInstalling a metal detector is definitely a smart thing to do; it will save you the trouble and relieve you of anxiety. However, you do not always have to buy a metal detector- there is always the option of renting one.

For facilities such as night clubs, courtrooms, police stations, schools, prisons, airports, etc- permanent installation of metal detectors seems pretty logical. They are all places constantly in need of high safety measures.

On the other hand, there are instances when you will not be in constant need of a metal detector; you could have organized an outdoor event, or some sort of festival, a reunion, anniversary, and so on. Overall safety would still be a prerogative, but the logistics would surely not be of the exact same type. This being said, you should definitely consider renting a metal detector as the best way to procure high safety measures.

Before deciding to actually rent a detector, you are advised to specify what type of people will attend the event in question; this means that you should determine the amount of risk and the required level of safety measures. After that, everything will be much easier.

Once you become familiar with your “target audience”, you can move on to the next segment- choosing a metal detector. The well-known type of detectors is definitely the so-called walk-through. This type is used in most public places (schools, courtrooms), but is known to have found its use in other places as well. Walk-throughs are highly efficient and very reliable and, when it comes to their actual use and performance, you are guaranteed to have no problems.  Their “drawback’’ probably lies in their size. They are quite sizable; because of this, the transport and installation can sometimes be slightly problematic.

You should also bear in mind another issue: the psychological effect of a detector. If you have an informal gathering, placing a metal detector at the entrance could be interpreted in a negative way and cause people to feel awkward. In that case, you are strongly advised to go for safety wands instead. Safety/ security wands are hand-held metal detectors that have proven to be excellent. They are much smaller that walk throughs, but highly efficient nonetheless. If you choose to have safety wands as your main safety measure, you will have nothing to worry about. They are less noticeable- without losing the quality.

All in all, the choice is yours. If you are planning to have an outdoor gathering, or a social occasion that spans only a couple of days, it is definitely smarter to rent a metal detector, and you can go for walk throughs or safety wands, whatever suits you best. In all other cases, if you are planning to keep the detector, purchasing one is a better option. Anyway you choose- your safety is guaranteed.