Security Metal Detectors

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The Benefits of Using Metal Detectors for Security

Metal detectors seem to be everywhere from airports to public schools to public libraries.  Security has become very important with all of problems with mass shootings and terrorist threats in the United States during the past twenty years.  Although the security measures may seem extreme at times, protecting people in public venues has become a necessity.

Types of Security Metal Detectors

There are two types of security detectors used in public, handheld wands and walk through metal detectors.  Security wands can be used anywhere, but they are often used in locations where large crowds are going to gather, such as airports, arenas or sports stadiums. They are often used in conjunction with walk-through detectors.

If a walk-through metal detector indicates that a person has something suspicious hidden on their bodies, then a security guard may use a handheld metal detector to try to locate the contraband.  Although some walk-through detectors can indicate the area of the body where a knife or gun may be hidden, a handheld detector can pinpoint the exact location of the item.

The Benefits of Handheld Metal Detectors

There are numerous benefits to using security wands for businesses.  Two of the main reasons they are used is to protect security personnel when they have to search someone and for the person being secured to avoid being physically patted down.

Handheld Detectors Protect Security Personnel

Using a handheld metal detector to scan bodies allows contraband to be found without security personnel potentially being stuck by something sharp in the person’s pockets.  They can easily be stuck with the sharp point of a knife or a syringe if they have to search pockets by hand, but the metal detector helps prevent them getting hurt.

Security personnel are also protected from claims of sexual harassment by using handheld detectors.  They can search people without having to lay hands on them, keeping people from alleging that they were touched inappropriately.

Save People from Pat Downs

The use of handheld securitydetectors can also help people avoid being physically patted down when they are going into a nightclub, a concert hall or any other public venue.  A pat down can be embarrassing for some people and others may not like being touched by strangers.  A handheld security metal detector allows people to maintain their dignity.  Handheld detectors cost less than walk-through metal detectors, which allows more businesses to have them onsite.

In the end, a hand held device can’t replace the walk through unit because of all the locations that are possible to miss with the wand as well as the more time consuming they are.