Garrett THD Tactical Metal Detector – Small, Light-weight, effective weapon detector

The compact THD Tactical Metal Detector is designed for effectively detecting weapons.  The THD Tactical Metal Detector offers silent screening with a vibration alert and Red LED visual alarm.  The unit’s 360 degree detection allows unrestricted scanning angles.  Its size and shape make it especially useful for reaching those hard to scan areas.  The THD also features a bright LED flash light to illuminate the detected area in low light or night applications.  An LED indicator is green during operation.  If the battery becomes weak or depleted the LED will turn to Amber, indicating a need for a new batter.  The THD is completely waterproof and built with high-impact plastic to withstand rough treatment.  No tools are required for battery replacement.  The THD comes with a heavy duty, ballistic weave holster.


  • No adjusting necessary to maintain high sensitivity
  • Detects all metals – Ferrous and Non-ferrous weapons
  • Quick response time to metal objects
  • Completely silent operation (vibration) and Red LED indicator.  Bright LED flashlight at tip of unit for low light and / or night operation
  • Green LED indicates unit is on; Green LED changes to Amber when battery needs replacing.
  • Completely waterproof construction, with slip-free handle
  • Built with rugged, high-impact ABS plastic to withstand demanding applications
  • Internal voltage regulation circuitry ensures maximum performance
  • No tools necessary for easy battery replacement – (1) 9-Volt battery included
  • Ballistic-weave belt holster may be mounted on duty belt or in patrol car
  • Full 360º Plus detection area allows unrestricted detection
  • Operating Temperatures: -35º F (-37º C) to 158º F (70º C)
  • Humidity: to 95% noncondensing
  • Waterproof: IEC 60529 Classification IP66
  • Operating Frequency: 95kHz
  • Voltage: 6 to 9VDC
  • Current: 5 mA. Typical
  • Tuning: Automatic
  • Indicators: Silent vibration /Red LED- indicates alarm condition Green / Amber LED-indicates unit is on (Green) and low battery condition (Amber)