Selecting and Setting Up Walk Through Metal Detectors

The walk through metal detectors can be categorized in two general groups. The first type of these metal detectors gives provision of single zone only detection capacity. The second type provides detection capacity in multi-zones. Basic detectors of the multi-zones variety can identify that the target metal is on your left side or even the right side. To fully understand the difference, here is an example: if an individual walks through the detector with a hidden weapon located at the person’s ankles. Both single and the multi zone detectors will be able to locate this target. The major difference between is that a multi zone model will identify the exact location of the target metal, on either left or right of the particular individual. More of the advanced multi zone detectors will pinpoint a specific location starting from the head to the toe and on either the left or the right side.

Pinpointing the exact location of the particular target quickly is very important so that the security guard would respond very swiftly. Larger crowds do require greater sensitivity and effectiveness of the walk through metal detectors. If scanning a very large volume of people, the multi zone metal detector can enable you to check more people quicker and more effectively.

In the past, metal detectors were generally seen only in airports and the correctional facilities. Today, we have these detectors in many locations including the police stations, night clubs, public and private schools, public and private buildings and also for security of the corporate work place. They are used in the manufacturing facilities, in warehouses for prevention of loss, special nuclear facilities, major transportation terminals, legal courthouses, popular historical landmarks, events for sports, arenas and even concerts.

You need to decide whether your detector will be set up in one location only or if there is a plan to move it from one location to another. If you might be constantly moving the metal detector often, you will definitely want a very light weight and portable one. Alternatively, simply get a device that can be easily moved.

Modern detectors are very easy to set up in the premises and also operate. Each unit comes with a fully detailed manual and instructional video for setup. Digital electronics get easily adjusted using touch pads and LCD screen displays. The metal detectors do come with programs that have been preset by the factory. You can then adjust the detectors according to your particular location or the types of objects that you seek to locate. Depending on the sensitivity level which you choose, the metal detector can be re-adjusted to locate different types of targets.

Controlling flow of human traffic is important when you are setting up the walk through metal detectors. You definitely want to be absolutely sure that all the individuals that do enter or leave a building pass through the metal detector. It is always a good idea having a basket or even a tray set up next to a metal detector which is useful for people to place the metal objects. It is very important that watches, loose coins, keys, belts or other metal objects get removed before going through the metal detector. The more organized you are, the better the working of the metal detector.

You may think of the detector as a device for general screening. Once you identify that a certain individual has some concealed item, you will also need to pinpoint it precisely. Use of a wand for detection will help locate the metal target quickly. The metal detector wand is a necessary accessory to use.