Should School Districts or the School Itself Pay for Security Metal Detectors?

Metal detectors have played an important role in maintaining school security.  But, when it comes to covering the cost of what many consider a lifesaving investment, who should cover the cost?  Remember, there will be ongoing costs in maintaining such security aside from the initial investment of purchasing a metal detector.  The opinion on this matter varies.  Some feel it is a national problem and therefore, be a federal expense.  Others feel the state should chip in on the cost, but each school is different with different security priorities. Meaning, the school itself should find a way to pay for the school metal detectors.

Should the Government Foot the Bill?

Many parents, educators and even a few lawmakers agree the government should place some sort of financial investment into keeping our schools safe.  It is obvious school safety has become an issue to reckon with, but many consumers have grown frustrated in hearing how the government is cash-strapped.  Yes, it is true metal detectors are expensive, but when it comes to protecting our future, this element should be further examined to develop possible solutions worth exercising.  After all, on a national scale, it is a concern schools and educational institutions are making a priority.

School Districts and the State: Both Elements Strapped for Cash but Should Pay

There are consumers who feel the cost can be divided between the state and the school district.  But, this is an unfortunate problem many districts are facing as they are already operating on a tight budget.  Many wonder if we cannot afford to pay teachers a decent salary, have updated learning materials for students, or provide healthier lunches, how we are supposed to pay to keep our schools safe.  Keeping doors locked during the day, security cameras, and an intercom system may not be enough added security.

Maybe the School Itself Should Find a Way to Invest

Some parents and faculty members wonder about how their school could invest in a metal detector.  This may bring along a number of questions but if the school itself is in need of an additional security measure, fundraisers or private investors could help in covering costs.  This may take more of an organizing effort and you may need to determine who would be in charge of such a project.  Then there is the element of whether the school itself would be allowed to take on the challenge on its own.