Tips to make it through the metal detector faster

Even though walk through metal detectors are not dangerous, a lot of people would like to know some tips of how to make it through the metal detector faster, and therefore save more time. Here are some suggestions that should help you in the process of getting through a detector faster.

First of all, make sure to pack smart. For example, electronic gadgets such as lap tops, DVD players and similar, never pack in a checked luggage. From the other side, such electrical items will always have to be removed from carry-on bags and places separately in the line for X ray scan. In case that you have small electronics, you can keep them in the carry-on bag.

If you are carrying liquids, make sure to pack them in clear plastic bags even before you arrive to the airport. However, some airports will offer free plastic bags to people that carry liquids in their carry-on bags, but this is nor common for all the airports.

If you are traveling during the winter or any colder period of the year that requires jackets, make sure to place them in checked baggage. Such clothing items will always have to go to X-ray inspections.

In case that you are carrying gifts, never wrap them. Wrapped gifts will most likely be asked to be unwrapped, and this can take a lot of time. After you reach your final destination, you can always wrap your gifts for your loved ones, however, never do that until you pass the airport security and the walk through metal detector.

If you are carrying some items for which you are in doubt whether they should go to a separate scan inspection, always leave them out. However, the prohibited items that you should never take with you are – sharp objects, tools, firearms, martial art items, defensive items, flammable material, sporting goods, and similar.

Before you pass though a walk though metal detector, it is advised that you remove all the items from your pockets that could cause alarm. This includes belts, jewelry, keys, cell phone, wallet, and similar. If you remove all the mentioned items, you will be spared of going through an additional screening after the machine initiates the alarm due to mentioned metallic objects.

Body piercings can cause walk through metal detectors to alarm, and this can normally result in additional screening. To make it through a metal detector much faster, make sure to always remove your shoes and place them in the bin for the X ray with other personal belongings. This as well can give the security personnel a better look and can have you pass though the detector much faster. The truth is that since 2006, shoes are usually put on screening, due to possibilities of hiding explosives in them, especially when we are talking about boots.

Some people might have medical disabilities and might have metallic objects under their skin. Such people should always inform the security personnel about that and will receive additional screening and physical inspection.

To make it through a metal detector faster, always have the following items ready – ID and boarding pass. Passengers that don’t have an ID will be required to provide additional documentation that will prove their identity.

Also, here are some hassle free security tips that in the end should make the overall experience of passing though a security zone on the airport much easier and more comfortable – always arrive on time, when possible wear slip-on shoes, if traveling with pets make sure to remove them from the carriers and hold them until you pass the scan, if traveling with children make sure to remove them from strollers until you pass the walk though metal detector.

You can also view more information directly at the tsa website here