Top Security; Walk Through Metal Detectors Save Lives

main3-metal-detectorBeep Beep, may be sometimes annoying to those who have overlooked coins, keys, or other items left in their pockets as they pass through metal detectors, but when you consider the overall job they do in helping security staff members stay safe, you may be glad they have such measures installed.

The typical walk through style metal detectors are in use all across the Nation, and play a big role in helping curb violence. Their use helps to deter people from bringing weapons, firearms, knives, and many other such items into courthouses, schools, airports and other places of business.

It is advisable to all (who have to be scanned) to remember such items as these; that are likely to trigger the machines in order to get a “clean” walk through. Heavy belt buckles, nail clippers, or any metal object will trigger the alarm if you fail to remove such items from your person before you pass through.

They may be controversial, as opinions vary widely, but the bottom line is; metal detectors help save lives. You may sometimes feel inconvenienced when you have to walk through the machine more than one time to get a “clean” pass.

However, when you consider the fact that you are made more secure by such devices, this tends to make us realize that they are a worthy tool. Schools are starting to make use of top grade metal detectors to keep their children and staff safe from harm.

There are many reasons that some children feel the need to have pick combs, small razors, or other items they feel they need to keep the bully (or the ones who pick on them) away from them.

Some who would be the oppressors to others; bring such items in schools to intimidate, cause fear, or try to get money from classmates. Before these (walk through) devices became used in school, it was not unheard of for a small boy to have seen another class member carry a small firearm to class simply to “show” it off to a few kids.

Not all schools make use of such technology simply because of cost and budget issues have yet to include having them buy such large budget items. Not only do they have to buy the machine, the cost of having to train and hire new staff as operators to use them effectively must also be of a concern.

The good news is: the ones who have found it in their budget to obtain such can know; they are helping to stop violent acts from occurring, as well as sometimes saving lives.

We may remember a time when the worst thing we thought we may face at school were such things as a black eye, or the fist of a bully being used against us. But the truth of the matter is; in the last thirty years there have been more than 500 children killed at school; in a fashion that involved the use of a firearm.

That sound quite alarming to hear for parents sending their kids off to school in somewhat “rough” neighborhoods. It is alarming. We should be able to know our kids are safe when they are at school.

The only way to really know what kids are bringing to school is to have them pass through a simple “walk through” metal detector. The schools who have implemented the use of these machines now know what some were trying to sneak through their doors with.

Small knives, straight razors, or other such contraband are now being confiscated from those who either brought it to hurt others, or were simply trying to keep others from hurting them. Whatever the case, kids are kept safe. That matters.