Training Security Guards to Operate Metal Detectors

security guard trainingTeaching a security guard to operate a standard weapons detector is relatively easy. The units are not complicated to use, so teaching security guards the basics takes a very short amount of time. Once the metal detector has been set, it is important to teach all users about the operating parameters. There can be areas known as dead spots, which are really just regions with lower sensitivity. To ensure this doesn’t happen with your unit, operators must test the metal detector periodically. This can be done by mapping where a weapon or other metal object is detected. The weapon should show up in all regions from the highest to the lowest and on both sides equally.

Metal Detector Sensitivity

Metal detectors can be set to various degrees of sensitivity. The higher the settings, the more metal objects or weapons that will set of the detector. However, with higher settings, the metal detectors will generally have more false alarms as well. Larger weapons, such as hand guns and other firearms, will register at lower settings, so depending on what items the metal detector is trying to detect will determine the settings needed to be used. These setting should be predetermined before operation, although they can always be adjusted later.

Testing Your Metal Detector

 Metal detectors should be tested routinely to make sure they are functioning properly, and either once a day or once per shift is optimal. Security guards should test the metal detector by removing all objects with metal on them from their clothing and pockets. Using a test object or weapon, the person testing the unit should walk through the metal detector with the weapon on their body. They should repeat this around seven or eight times, with the weapon placed in different areas of the body each time. The metal detector should register the weapon the same each time it passes through the unit. If it doesn’t, the security guard should adjust the setting which isn’t registering the weapon. Testing the unit is important to maintain security in your place of business. You can contact PTI for specific questions about training. Or you can watch this video that may help.