Training Security Guards to Use Standard Walk Through Metal Detectors

security guard metal detectorTraining your staff and security guards to use your standard type of walk through metal detectors is not a hard thing to do. They have to understand and know how to set the parameters of the sensitivity levels to avoid getting too many false alarms.

This type of training can easily be done within a day or so. For them to get used to how the machine works it is best for them to test the machines for themselves (Usually on a daily basis)

This can be done by having the “tester” remove all types of metal objects from their persons and then pass through the device. Then after a successful pass, place the type of metal object the security wants to be detecting the most upon their person and pass through again.

After getting an alarm on the object, they should then place it lower on their body and pass through again. After getting another successful alarm, they should move the item further still up the body and pass through again.

It is important to “map” every placement of the object in order to eliminate the chance of having a certain area which may record with slightly less sensitivity get by the scanners.

It is suggested that they begin at the lowest possible placement of the item first, then move the object upwards (Slightly more than the overall length of the item being tested) Do this for each side of the body to eliminate the possibility of having a “dead” spot on the register allow the item to pass through the metal detector unnoticed.

By carefully marking each test, they can eliminate the possibility of having some weapon or undesirable object get through unnoticed. By getting them to understand the parameters of sensitivity levels, they may learn how to set the machine for optimal performance. Once all of the security guards know how to set the device, test the device, use and maintain it without fault – then security may be ensured when the staff maintains every element of this teaching, and uses it without distraction.

For those seeking slightly smaller items (Such as they want to detect; like small knives or other similar objects) the sensitivity levels will have to be brought up, as well as being diligent to ask those whom pass through to remove any items such as keys or pocket coins that would trigger it.

This way they may avoid the hassle of having some have to pass through three times because of a belt buckle or other metal item was not first removed from their person.

When the device is set to higher levels, it is up to the guards to inform the public about removing all or any metal object from their person before trying to pass through.

Some people may have metal placed within their body (Due to reconstructive surgery) and guards will need to know about such things. Should their arise any suspicion about the person having metal within their body – they should be able to show the scar from the surgery (To put the guards at ease)

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