Gold Mine Metal Detector

Mining Security

There are many things that need attention when considering mining security, but this particular article addresses only one of the issues facing the precious metal mining industry – how to protect the end product from theft.

Aside from the basic necessities such as CCTV, inventory controls and accounting, secure changing rooms and more, one item that is at the heart of any thorough precious metal security endeavor is a high sensitivity walk-through metal detector.  And choosing the right one for the job is paramount to ensuring the best possible protection for you assets.

There are a number of manufacturers that claim to make a gold mine metal detector.  Keep in mind however, that “high sensitivity” is usually used in the context of detecting weapons, and seldom in the context of inventory control.  When it comes to precious metal inventory control, the options become much more refined.  In fact, only a couple of manufacturers even claim to make systems designed specifically for detecting and preventing the loss of precious metals.  And the company that stands above them all is Protective Technologies International.

Protective Technologies International has been building detectors for precious metals longer than anyone else.  For the past 40 years, the unique coil designs and software controls built into their metal detection systems, has made PTI the unrivalled leader in precious metal loss prevention applications.  By combining access control, employee Photo ID, and comprehensive reporting and analysis software with an ultra-high sensitivity walk-through metal detector, the XVS systems manufactured by PTI are the most effective and efficient tools available.

The mining industry, particularly in the refining or melting and pouring facilities can benefit greatly by taking advantage of the security benefits offered by the PTI XVS systems.  The XVS system specializes in detecting small amounts of precious metals that might be carried out by employees after their work shift ends.

Effectively detecting and deterring theft will maximize the profitability of any mining organization.  And choosing the right equipment for the job is one of the highest priorities.  Protective Technologies International manufactures the best products available for the unique challenges faced by today’s security managers.