Metor 200 HDe – High Efficiency, High Discrimination Multi-zone Metal Detector

High Efficiency Screening The Metor 200 HDe High Discrimination walk-through metal detector is specifically designed for demanding, high traffic screening applications. It effectively detects weapons while discriminating against harmless personal objects, such as coins, keys, etc.  This allows the detector to provide high throughput in applications where high traffic flow is essential.

Uniform Detection & Unique Multi-Zone Principle The Multiple Zone technology allows for uniform detection throughout the entire field, while at the same time each zone can be independently adjusted to fit your particular application needs.  This allows the detector to function at optimum performance even in difficult environments.

The Benefits of the Multi-Zone Principle

  • Superior discrimination.
  • Reliable detection of threat items.
  • High traffic throughput.
  • Optimum immunity to environmental interference and external stationary metal.

Eight Independent Detection Zones

  • Each zone detects targets independently
  • Excellent discrimination reduces unnecessary alarms
  • Uniform Detection across the entire walk-through unit
  • Zone displays location of detected target

Mobility The unit can be easily moved to different locations.

Statistics Intelligent traffic and alarm counters calculate the traffic flow and resultant alarms. The counters both increment and decrement, thereby giving a true traffic count. The optional MetorNet Remote Security Monitoring System makes it easy to collect statistics while controlling and monitoring multiple Metor brand walk-through metal detectors.

Zone DisplayThe zone display identifies the level(s) at which detected object(s) are carried. This enables security personnel to immediately target metal objects and ensures that maximum throughput can be maintained in high traffic locations.