metor 200


Metor 200 HS – High Sensitivity, Multi-zone Metal Detector

The Metor 200 HS High Sensitivity walk-through metal detector is specifically designed for detecting smaller items such as razors, metal shanks, handcuff keys, detonator caps, jewelry, coins, microprocessor and memory chips. The Metor 200 HS can be used to improve safety in prison and jails.  It can also be used to deter theft in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Uniform Detection

The Metor 200 HS maintains uniform sensitivity by allowing adjustments for each of the zones.  So even if the detector is placed in difficult environments, it will operate at peak performance.

Unique Multi-Zone Principle

Multi-zone performance ensures top performance throughout the entire detector with individually adjustable zones and over-all sensitivity settings.

Eight Independent Detection Zones

  • Each zone detects targets independently
  • Excellent discrimination reduces unnecessary alarms
  • Uniform Detection across the entire walk-through unit
  • Zone displays location of detected target


The Metor 200 HS is light enough to move easily

Remote Control Unit

The remote control unit allows you to remotely change all settings to fit your needs.


Password protection on the remote control unit ensures that no unauthorized person can change settings.


Preset programs are designed to detect specific metals to meet a wide array of security needs.


Smart traffic counter can keep track of in and outbound traffic to get an accurate count of actual people entering the detector.

User-Friendly Interface

All functions are controlled through a remote control unit that shows the results of parameter adjustments, traffic counts and self-diagnostics.