Metor 250 – Multi-zone Walk-through Metal Detector

Unique Multi-Zone Operating Principle

The unique multi-zone coil system guarantees uniform detection throughout the opening.  Furthermore, this technology provides superior discrimination with far fewer false alarms than conventional metal detectors.  This results in improved throughput rates.

Multi-Zone Display

Vertical lightbar display provides a visual pinpoint of the target location on alarm.

The Benefits of the Multi-Zone Detecting

  • Excellent discrimination.
  • Improved and Reliable detection of threat items regardless of object orientation.
  • High traffic throughput. Each zone can be adjusted independently.
  • Best in class immunity to environmental interference and external stationary metal.

Eight Independent Detection Zones

  • Each zone detects targets independently
  • Excellent discrimination reduces unnecessary alarms
  • Uniform Detection across the entire walk-through unit
  • Zone displays location of detected target

Automatic Sensitivity Selection

An automatic sensitivity program selects the correct sensitivity level for a specific weapon or test object.  This eliminates the time consuming trial and error method.


The Metor 250 provides comprehensive self-diagnostics.  It continuously monitors the detector’s environment, external connections and internal circuitry for any problems.

Continuously Active

The Metor 250’s detection circuitry is continuously active, ensuring that it is not possible to toss, pass, or slide a weapon through the system without detection.


The unit is light enough to move easily from one location to another.

Remote Control Unit

The remote control unit allows you to remotely change all settings to fit your needs.


Password protection on the remote control unit ensures that no unauthorized person can change settings.


Preset programs are designed to detect specific metals to meet a wide array of security needs.