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Metor 300 Portable – State of the Art, Multi-Zone, Portable, Walk-through Metal Detector

Metor 300 Portable is a a light weight, simple to use, state of the art, metal detector that combines practical and aesthetic design with advanced metal detector technology.  This makes the Metor 300 Portable and excellent choice for temporary and permanent locations.


Advanced discrimination features make the Metor 300 Portable well suited for fast security screening of large groups of people. The two zone displays on the Metor 300 Portable assist security in locating the threat object that was detected.


The Metor 300 Portable not only offers high performance, but its compact size make and stylish appearance make it the ideal choice for demanding locations.  The Metor 300 Portable is even weather proof, so it can be used indoors or outdoors without sacrificing performance.


The Metor 300 is designed to be rugged and light.  It can endure multiple installations in various locations.  It is also extremely easy to setup.  Setup can be done in 5 minutes by a single person.  Its light weight makes it simple to move from location to location, and can be setup and dismantled without any tools.  It can also be transported while fully assembled.


The simple menu-based interface makes programming quick and easy.  The user can calibrate the unit with preset detection programs and automatic adjustments.  It also has a safety feature that monitors parameter settings to see if they have been changed.  The Metor 300 Portable will alarm if the unit loses power.  For added safety and security, the cables and connections are locked inside the crosspiece.


The Metor 300 Portable has excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference and vibration, making it easy to install in the most demanding environments. Several units can also be placed in close proximity to one another, increasing the level of flexibility when planning an installation site.


The Metor 300 Portable features intelligent traffic and alarm counters that calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms. Counters are integrated inside the zone display, counting both increment and decrement, thereby giving a true traffic count.