Walk Through Metal Detectors – A Small Price to Pay for Safety

Today the standard walk through style metal detector is an ideal tool to help the school’s security – be able to provide a safe place for children. The last thing school security should have to be concerned about are the items that kids could bring onto the campus. They may now have a way to know what is within their school grounds.

Children should not feel threatened at any time when they go to a class to learn. By having such security measures in place, children can be made to feel safe. Not all people feel that this is such a great idea, (Especially if their child is the one being sent home for bringing a small knife to school.)

Sure, they may have forgot they had it on them…but never the less. The rest of the class may move on – and have the peace of mind to know their school is one of the ones who are kept safe on a daily basis.

School administrators, as well as parents should have a right to know that their child is not going to be within an environment where they may be shot, or cut. The cost of the devices are well offset by the pricelessness that having true security brings.

The standard walk through metal detectors are easy to install and training the security staff on how to maximize their effectiveness is not a hard thing to do. A few hours of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on practice is all it takes for the staff to be most efficient at making use of the machine.

More and more schools should adopt the policy of having such a stable security device in place. It simply does not make sense to not have one; (With so much unrest throughout the world.)

These machines are solid, well-constructed, easy to install, and will last for years to come. They certainly are a more effective measure of security than simply hiring a staff of five security guards (To watch the kid’s movements) to try and guess what that suspicious bulge in a child’s backpack may be.

Children do not think as adults do; (Nor should they be expected to) so if a child feels threatened by a bully to the point of actually being scared, they may think it is only normal to bring some sort of weapon for protection.

The same child mentioned may never think of bringing such an item onto school grounds (In a normal circumstance) but if they have been threatened with bodily harm – they may not give it a second thought.

The kid who is really scared by what someone said they will do to them; “the next time I see you” is very likely to bring a small knife, or other object with the intent of only pulling it out “if needed.”

Nonetheless, without having detection capabilities a school campus is the very place where one may expect to incur such contraband. (Kids will be kids) and some may be prone to “bully” others. That is an unescapable fact.