What Your Business Can Accomplish with a Security Metal Detector

security metal detectorMany businesses could use the help of metal detectors to screen for weapons entering the building or to screen for merchandise illegally leaving the building. While many companies suggest any metal detector will suffice for either reason, this is not really the case. Depending on what purpose your business is most likely to need the metal detector for, can determine which type you should purchase.

How a Metal Detector Can Impact Your Business

 While security metal detectors can keep the workplace safe and prevent theft, it is important to think about who will be using the unit and how many people will be passing through at any given time. If you have only one security guard monitoring the unit as people pass through, it is important to realize that if something is detected it can hold up the rest of the line. It can also cause a greater work load for the security guard, and if you only have one guard, this person may be distracted enough so that someone could easily slip something by him. Therefore, it is important to really take a good look at the specs of the unit you are considering buying. Some units are more sensitive than others and some are more prone to false alerts. Spending a little time upfront to determine which unit will work best at your place of business can save a lot of time down the road.

Consistency and Uniformity

When you are looking at purchasing a security metal detector it is important to consider consistency and uniformity. Consistency can be affected by the environment the unit is put in as well as the design of the metal detector. The consistency of a security metal detector can be influenced by noise. When noise levels are high they can trigger a unit to malfunction. This needs to be taken into consideration when adjusting the unit to its environment.

Uniformity means that the metal detector will detect weapons or other metal objects the same from the top of the arch to the lowest point of the unit. Testing this periodically is important to making sure the unit is in top working condition. Adjusting the unit and testing periodically will make sure your business is getting what it paid for in a metal detector.