Where Are Security Metal Detectors Typically Used?

Various companies use metal detectors as a form of safety and protection.  They help detect illegal contents and make people to think twice before entering an airport or building with a dangerous  item.  While their use has controversial issues and concerns, they have become an important player in how we maintain public safety.

There are studies conducted on how the devices have helped improve public safety in the last several years.  As violence and human behavior become a serious problem threatening innocent lives, public establishments are forced to take things into their own hands.


Many people can say they remember when violence in school wasn’t an issue.  You were able to go to school and focus on getting your education, while occasionally dealing someone who got on your nerves or picked on you.  Nowadays, bullying and lack of positive social interactions upon students and faculty are forcing parents to re-think about where their children attend school. Some parents are uncomfortable with the idea of using metal detectors, while others who live in high crime areas feel they have no choice and need them in their schools.


A number of courthouses have metal detectors with more considering them for future use.  Many people think a courthouse may not have use for such security measures, while others feel it is perfectly appropriate.  Few people realize how much drama and conflict courthouses deal with and strange objects that people have been known to carry on them when arrive. Walk-through detectors are common but some may use a combination of walk-through and hand-held.  Many courthouses that decide to get metal detectors may have the general public use another entrance to the building until they are installed.


People who dread flying may do so not because they are afraid of heights, but they hate going through security checkpoint.  When you travel, some may not realize you are at a higher risk of coming in contact with someone with an illegal substance.  Even though there are various security rules and regulations in place, people still try to carry something on a plane they have no business with in the first place.

Jailhouse or Prison

While many of us try our best to stay out of trouble, if you go to visit someone in the slammer or need to bail someone out of jail, you may be required to walk through or be checked by a metal detector.  In the early days, people who would come and visit a prisoner would hide metal or hard objects to pass along to the prisoner.  The prisoner would use the item to break out of jail.  While this plot makes for an interesting movie or television show, the idea of a criminal breaking out of jail just doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially taxpayers.  Keep in mind, similar measures may be used to check items that enter the prison through the mail.