Why Installing a Metal Detector is Important for Your Business

Security metal detectorWhether you’re a small company or a large corporation, there are numerous reasons to invest in a metal detector. Metal detectors come in a variety of sizes for different purposes, and finding the perfect one for your business is as easy as determining what features your company needs. Simple standing metal detectors can ensure everyone who walks into a building is free of knives, guns, or other potentially dangerous metal objects. X-ray metal detectors can give even better images of what a person may be carrying. Metal detectors can also help prevent loss from within the company.

Security Metal Detectors are User Friendly

 Once installed, a security metal detector is ready to use immediately. There is no need to hire specially trained staff to operate today’s modern metal detectors, and they offer a basic operating system anyone can use. There are also standing metal detectors which are portable and practical for special uses. These types of metal detectors can be moved in a matter of minutes. For a less expensive option, hand held security wands are designed to register things such as weapons or even loss prevention within the company. These are also a good thing to use when someone has triggered the alarm on the standing metal detector.

Cost Offset

Walk through metal detectors begin around the $2,500 price range, but the cost of preventing one injury or tragedy can easily be offset by just one incident. The higher the technology, the more expensive the units get, but the more effective they are. For everyday, practical use though, a basic standard unit should provide enough protection for most companies. Many of the units available today come certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Models and Functions of Metal Detectors

There are numerous models of security metal detectors to choose from. They come in a variety of colors to blend into the décor of your office building or space, and each one works with a different wave sensor depending on the model. Using a standing metal detector can decrease the cost spent on hired security guards or watchmen. For any business looking to increase security while keeping costs down, a standing metal detector may be the best option available.