Why we need metal detectors in our schools

We live in an unfortunate world now where our children are not safe going to public or private schools.  There used to be a time where school houses were a safe place for our children to learn.  However, the world has changed drastically wherein now with the amounts of mass shootings at schools by either classmates or madmen it has become necessary to put metal detectors in place in our school systems.

Not only now do we see metal detectors placed in our school from kindergarten to senior year in high school, there is a police presence as well.  It is sad that the world has changed so much that our children can no longer be in a school house without a metal detector.

Backpacks are checked on a daily basis as some children bring weapons to school to ‘get back’ at another student for even something as simple as the clothes on their back.  It seems that these shooters want to target the innocence of children for absolutely no reason at all.  The amount of school shootings has called for a drastic change in our children’s safety while attending what should be a safe place to be during the day.

Metal detectors at the doors pick up guns, knives and other items that could be considered a weapon such as pointed scissors.  By catching these weapons at the door before the child or adult enters the school many innocent lives can be saved.  Metal detectors are sensitive in nature and there is no way for a weapon to pass through this type of security.

If one of the police officers who are present as the children file through the metal detectors determines there may be something hiding in a backpack that officer can detain that student and search them.  There are even police dogs present at school to sniff out drugs that are brought in by the students.

With safety measures in place in all schools across the Nation our children will be safer.  Metal detectors, police officers as well as K-9 officers at schools are an unfortunate necessity to keep our innocent children safe from harm.  No one knows when or if a shooting will occur at a school.  There could be a parent trying to kidnap their child, an irate student or a school employee who suddenly snaps for absolutely no reason.

The time and date of a mass shooting is never known until it actually occurs.  By using metal detectors and police officers in our schools there have already been several weapons that have been taken away from children who were considering harming others.  Our children deserve the chance to learn and get an education.  Our children deserve to have a safe place to learn.

Metal detectors are the first defense of protecting our children.  Our second defense is the police officers and K-9 officers and the third defense is keeping our children behind closed doors so strangers can not just come in and do as they please.  One school shooting is one too many.  We, as a nation need to make sure this never happens again and starting with metal detectors at the doors of the schools is a perfect starting point.