XVS 10mi Walk Through Metal Detector – Russia

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Stop Employee Theft

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– Gold Mines

– Refining Facilities

-Jewelry Manufactures

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More About the XVS 10mi Metal Detection System

In this rapidly changing world of technology, PTI has maintained its position
as the industry leader for maximum sensitivity by continually providing only
the absolute best precious metal detector products.

Our XVS Series Metal Detection Systems offers unrivaled protection!


  • Better Noise Immunity – PTI has developed special filters to reduce or eliminate interference from outside sources such as two-way radios, induction furnaces, motors, etc. Even the affects of large, moving metal objects (such as steel doors) have been reduced.
  • Greater Flexibility – Comprehensive computer and software integration with the walk-through portal provides maximum control.
  • Superior Sensitivity – Better noise immunity and exceptional software design enable us to maximize sensitivity, allowing for detection of even the smallest targets.
  • Maximum protection – Our walk-through
    metal detection systems are unparalleled in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Protecting your precious metal assets is our business – If your serious about loss prevention give us a call.

Our advanced XVS Series Metal Detection Systems provide the absolute best metal protection available anywhere! If you are interested in detecting razor blades, computer chips, jewelry or any other small quantities of metal, the XVS detector is what you ar looking for.



  • Walk-through portal with LED display
  • IBM compatible computer with a 17″ flat screen color monitor
  • Comprehensive Metal Detection and Access Control Software
  • Report generating software for complete data analysis
  • AD2300 “Ultra” hand held metal detector
  • Two swipe type card readers
  • 100 access cards
  • Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) for line conditioning, surge protection and battery backup
  • Instruction manual
  • Domestic shipping, installation and training
  • One year warranty
  • Unlimited, lifetime telephone technical support

The XVS-10Mi is designed to accurately and efficiently scan large numbers of people. The access control system and software interface allow for each employee to have a precise reference programmed into the computer for instant comparison every time they walk through the portal. The XVS-10Mi also incorporates Report Software to make complete and accurate analysis of employee pass/fail data. With the most comprehensive metal detection software available and unparalleled sensitivity the Model XVS-10Mi makes the job for security quick, accurate and efficient.

PROTECTIVE FEATURES The basic metal detector offers these protective features:

  • It deters theft because the employees know it works.
  • It detects non-ferrous metals (such as jewelry, gold, seilver and platinum) that are purposely or inadvertently concealed on or in a person’s body.
  • It determines the exact location of detected metals through the use of the included handscanner.

THE COMPUTER ADVANTAGE The computer enhances the metal detector operation in six ways:

  • It addresses possible collusion between employees and security personnel by performing the pass-fail decision making and recording the results in the database.
  • It adds deterrence to the metal detector operation by randomly failing a preset percentage of employees who are then subject to more detailed search with a hand scanner.
  • It controls access to secure areas by interfacing with card readers, or other access control systems.
  • It communicates with off-site computers to make timekeeping, access, and metal detector data instantly available for information or analysis.
  • With the included report-generating software, management reports, historical records, and statistical analysis can be prepared by security personnel.
  • With optional control hardware, the computer can:
    • Control access through doors and gates
    • Monitor security devices such as doors sensors and intrusion alarms.


  1. As individuals approach the restricted area, they pass their access cards through the card reader (proximity readers, pin pads, or other electronic control devices can also be used).
  2. Acceptance of the card allows the individual to travel through the metal detector portal.
  3. The metal detector portal transmits the individual’s digital reading to the computer where it is compared with his or her personal reading. Both readings are displayed on the computer monitor and on an optional “large digital” display.
  4. Agreement of the two readings allows the individual to proceed while disagreement causes an audio alarm to be triggered.
  5. All significant data is recorded within the computer’s memory, displayed on the video screen, printed out in hard copy, and can be made available to remote locations.
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