Zorpro 33T Metal Detector Temperature Scanner

Metal Detector


Temperature Scanner


Shipped and Serviced in USA

Features & Highlights

Our high end metal detector now comes with a thermal body temperature camera built in. This makes checking temperatures and scanning for fevers easy. No additional time is needed to scan each person and of course it’s 100% contactless.  The recent pandemic changed how we view the world forever. Zorpro knows it’s  important for many to keep the environment safe. This is exactly what the Zortemp 33T is for.  Even after the pandemic is over it will be important to alert staff automatically if someone us trying to enter the building with a fever. 

  • Thermal Camera Technology Built In 
  • Quickly Scan For Fever at 6 – 10ft Away 
  • Light Bar Flashes Red for Fever and Green For Safe Temperature 
  • 5in touch screen display (can be disabled if privacy is needed)
  • 33 Zone High Quality Metal Detector
  • Auto Calibration (Low Maintenance) and user friendly
  • Black Body Built in (more accurate results)  
  • Easy Adjust Threshold, Sensitivity, & More
  • USA Friendly Support and Service

Pricing Info

$9821 $9321
  • Price Includes Everything Needed
  • Easy To Self Install and Setup
  • Free USA Shipping
  • 2yr Warranty