Selecting and Setting Up Walk Through Metal Detectors

The walk through metal detectors can be categorized in two general groups. The first type of these metal detectors gives provision of single zone only detection capacity. The second type provides detection capacity in multi-zones. Basic detectors of the multi-zones variety can identify that the target metal is on your left side or even the […]

Security has been a very important aspect in human activities from time immemorial. The idea of protecting one’s own environment dates back in the days when the world began. When population increased, people found the need to protect their lives and property. In those days, technology was a vocabulary and hence people could improvise ways […]

Right Metal Detector for high security

The metal detector technology first came in 1972 in the U.S. after several aircraft hijackings occurred. Metal detectors were used to screen passengers to identify any threats. Today, one can spot metal detectors in every mall and cinema theatre. With news of bomb blasts and terrorist attacks pouring in everyday, security has become a priority […]

The Benefits of Covert Protective Surveillance

Many businesses are often subject to theft, and without the correct security measures, these crimes can go undetected at the detriment of the business. Some people have personally been victims of attack or abuse, so surveillance is an added measure that allows a person to go about their daily life more normally, without living in […]

Basic Metal Detector History

At the end of the past 19th century, a lot of scientists and engineers used their increasing knowledge concerning electrical theory in attempts to devise a special machine which could pinpoint metal. The real use of such devices was aimed at finding ore bearing rocks which would give very huge advantages to any miner. One […]

Consider This When Buying a Metal Detector Arch

Buying metal detectors for your security surveillance system can be a tedious task if you have no better idea about their proper specifications and considerations. This is because people know that terrorists have also improved in the technology and have equally powerful instruments that can counter metal detectors. It is important therefore to understand the […]

Keeping Your Employees Honest – Prevent Theft

The following scenario happens all the time. You have hired an employee whom you just knew was the best one for the position you needed to fill. She was well dressed, educated and very polite. The interview you did with her went perfectly smooth and she could not wait to start the job. Once she […]

Consider the Fisher M-Scope Metal Detector for your security needs

Fisher is known as a veteran in the metal detecting world due to his revolutionary m-scope Metal Detector that was first manufactured in 1931. His invention of the m-scope detector (also known as the Metallascope) turned out to be a real favorite seller, and till date, he still holds the patent for the Metallascope. Today, […]

Conducting an Accurate and Fair Investigation – Employee Theft

Employee theft is defined by any sort of misappropriation of property belonging to an employer; the misappropriation is done intentionally. Theft by an employee can range from stealing money. Some incidents are minor while others are much more serious. When you find out that an employee is stealing from your company, it can be very […]